Experience the opportunity of an affordable VR solution.

3Di Gives developers and gamers the opportunity to incorporate it’s software into the development of unreal engine projects. Give your audience a virtual reality experience at the fraction of the cost available in today’s current climent. 

3D gaming software

Why 3DI Software Solutions?



Current virtual reality software and devices are cost prohibitive to developers as well as it’s audience. This offers an inexpensive solution for the entire world, from 1st to 3rd world countries.


Unreal Engine Integration

Implement 3Di’s software to turn ANY Unreal Engine project into a VR experience. The possibilities are endless. 



Previously, these types of applications and devices were only available to certain prominent private schools. The reach now extends to public schools and enables 3rd world advancements.


Patented Software

3Di currently holds multiple patents on its applications. These have been perfected over 8 years of development to deliver a high performance product at an exceptional value to the rest of the world.

Perspectacles 3DI Glasses

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Transform your computer display into a holographic panorama

With the use of the 3DI perspectacles, you can turn any display using our software into a stereo point of view

I was sent the prototype and was immediately blown away by the possibilities this software can bring to the table. From a developers standpoint, this is a game changer.

- Anthony Coonen

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